Collection: Asal Oesoel (Square)
Material: Cotton Voile
Type: Square
Price: RM79 (Semenanjung Malaysia)
RM81 (Sabah & Sarawak)
SGD/BND $39 (Singapore & Brunei)
Design: 5 design

Omni (North)
Colourful, dynamic and spirited, this artwork was created to capture the essence of Malaysia. Drawn in a batik style using some of the key Malaysian colours.  This design aims to give a taste of Malaysia for those at home and far away.
Ixora (East)
Batik is chosen as the inspiration from the East as is symbolizes the women of Terengganu. Reshuffling the laments of Batik that traditionally is divided into borders, tops and bottom to design a composition that is dimensional. Digitalizing the “Canting” technique instantly modernize the batik print that adds edginess to the scarf.
Hera (South)
The mystical bird, phoenix is made up from Peacock feather, crane and the golden pheasant. Inspired by the myth of the phoenix and the story behind it-the design inspiration comes from the peacock feather which is one of the three elements of the mystical bird. The colours that are used in prints are 
the colours of the phoenix that can be found on the Malacca Nyonya Porcelain Families Rose. The rhythm that the peacock feather created becomes the main design element of this print as it adds a touch of softness to a bold coloured scarf.
Palma (West)
A graphic and playful interpretation of the ever present ever giving palm tree.  Inspiration was drawn from the vast palm fields, a backbone of Malaysia.
Mydas (Borneo)
Inspired by the imperfections of the Hawksbill Turtle’s shell found in Sandakan, the print exudes the rawness of nature. The natural lines and shapes of the shell is being zoomed in to create and abstract print. The design is being left as it is without border to add modernity to the scarf.  Colours that are applied on the prints derived from the colour of the turtle and its surrounding which gives the fashion-forward look and feel to the wearer.