February has always been an exciting month for our brand because it's the birthday month of our beloved founder.  Every year we release a special collection in celebration of her birthday and for 2018, we are launching BE LOFA, a collection that is quintessentially Neelofa.  Our brand has never been afraid to offer neoteric and exciting designs that will help to elevate modest wear to a whole new level.  Be Lofa encompasses two tasteful designs, Be Lofa Turban, a contemporary headgear that is a wonderful alternate to the usual hijab and Be Lofa Shawl, made from the finest silk chiffon and long enough to be used as a scarf or as a worthy accompaniment to the turban.
Be Lofa provides versatility to the savvy shopper, since both items are sold separately, you have the freedom to decide to get one of eitheror splurge for both.  With Be Lofa, we are doing something unprecedented, introducing a turban design in our product line, a revolutionary move for our brand to make it even more accessible to the mainstream market.
The Be Lofa Turban also plays on Neelofa's more carefree and daring side, her love for fashion and her willingness to experiment with different styles were the basis for the design of the turban.  Turbans are now making a comeback, being featured in countless runways and lauded as the next cool accessory. Even if you are not someone who wears a hijab, you can still utilise our turbans and include it in your OOTD.  Stretchy and made from an elastic fabric that allows it to fit any size, Be Lofa Turban will be available in 51 colours, an array of shades that can complement any outfit that you have in mind.
For hijabistas, covering your hair has never been this easy, just tie it up with a scrunchy to create volume, tuck all your hair in, put on a pair of glitzy earring if you're feeling fancy and voila! You're ready to face the world!  If you're more conventional, you can also use the turban as an inner to keep your mane in place under a hijab. The high-quality cotton lycra is also thick and opaque so your hair can't be seen through the fabric even when you decide to opt for the palest colour in the spectrum.  For non-hijabistas, you can just wear the turban on its own, keeping your hair loose underneath to pull off a boho chic style that is absolutely timeless.
RM70 (SM)
RM72 (SS)
Be Lofa–Turban Material: High Quality Cotton Lycra
Colors: 45 colors