Crafted in Malaysia from breathable wool chiffon, Chloe is a lightweight shawl showcasing a rectangular silhouette and a quirky zigzag hem.
Hotfix crystal embellishments along the bottom hem draws attention to the shawl’s main feature, complimenting the cascading drape and adding a hint of sparkle to the long flowy material.  The crystals provide an understated elegance that is both simple and effortless, a minimal approach that produces maximum aesthetic value.
Due to its natural fibres and plain weave, Chloe also boasts great air permeability and outstanding thermoregulation properties to keep you in comfort even in blistering temperatures.  The asymmetrical hem is a refreshing update to the regular shawl, it’s a fun and elegant accent that will pair well with any outfit of your choice.
We've added extra inches to the width and length to give you more freedom in styling, creating versatility so you can fold and drape the Chloe according to your taste and preference.  Chloe will be available in 49 attractive hues, take your pick and add it to your OOTD for an attention-grabbing look that will garner tons of approval from your family and friends.
Collection: Chloe
Material: Wool Chiffon
Type: Shawl
Colors: 47 colors
Detailing: full Hotfix Crystal
Embellishment: Hotfix bottom
Retail Price: RM129 (Semenanjung Malaysia)
RM131 (Sabah & Sarawak)
SGD / BND: $65 (Singapore & Brunei)