Fluffy Helena design is a limited edition collection, straightforward design that celebrates the soft pillowy quality of freshly baked buns. It’s a semi-instant hijab with a cascade of Xillion Rose Crystals and White Pearls along one side of the face opening and a trail of fabric that can be styled according to your liking, based on the occasion or event you’re attending. 

The Swarovski white pearls have a creamy ivory hue that partners well with the vivid luminosity of Xillion Rose Crystals. Xillion crystals have a patented Swarovski cut that gives them an increased number of facets. This produces higher brilliance and more intense light reflection which ensures optimal sparkle and shine in whatever setting, night or day. Dazzle the crowd with this exceptionally radiant design, it's a versatile piece that will add elegance and sophistication to any outfit that you match it with.

Korean Chiffon is cool to the touch, adding a lustrous and flowy element to the piece. For a polished and poised look, the Fluffy Helena is the best option for you. Minimum effort for maximum impact, transform to a more gorgeous you with this exclusive design. 

Fluffy Helena would only be produced in a limited quality so make sure you get yours before it all runs out. Don't miss out on owning a collector's piece that you will definitely treasure for years to come. Fluffy Helena is a totally worthy collection to add to your wardrobe.

Collection : Fluffy Helena
Type : Semi-Instant Hijab
Price : RM 93 (SM)
SGD / BND: $46
Material : Korean Chiffon
Colors : 28 colors
Detailing : Swarovski Xillion Rose and White Pearl