She believes in something powerfully and she shares it with the world. She appears confidently and she helps others feel confident too. She stands out the most, but never let her glory overpowers her. She’s driven, ambitious, diligent, committed and unstoppable.  We wanted to create an instant hijab, that is not only easy to wear but also looks effortlessly good with any outfits. When we say instant, we meant just slip on and you’re good to go!

Our vision for Jemima is to design a hijab that is convenient and practical. We’ve combined two of our best materials into one masterpiece to create Jemima. A turban inner that is made of high quality cotton lycra and heavy chiffon shawl that is already beautifully wrapped up.  Getting ready in the morning is going to be less of a hustle now with Jemima. Whether you’re going for work, leisure, sending off your kids to school, any occasion at all, Jemima got you covered. Available in 32 colors. 

Type: Instant
Collection: Jemima
Material: Heavy Chiffon attached with Cotton Lycra Turban Inner
Colors: 32 Colors
Price: RM69 (Semenanjung Malaysia)
RM71 (Sabah & Sarawak)
SGD / BND $35 (Singapore & Brunei)