Shine and Shimmer with Lola

The type of headpiece that once it’s in your heart, it’ll stay there forever, #LolabyNH. Lola fascinates you with its stunning detailing, bringing out an elegant personality. This is an instant hijab with a long and loose drape to provide a modest and comfortable fit. We use korean chiffon because of its lightweight and breathable. Their cooling quality allows you to stay comfortable and immaculate throughout the hot weather. The fabric doesn't have a distinct sheen so even the palest of colours could come through and look vibrant in this material.
The detailing on Lola was actually inspired by sunrise and nature because Lola is a Greek name that means morning. We used crystals to form the shape of a morning glory, a flower that unravel into full bloom at the beginning of a new day, these flowers are then further enhanced with beautiful dangling pendants that shimmer and shine under the sun. We placed them at intervals along the hem of the hijab with a slight ruching effect to create layers and add character to the design.

If you can't be bothered with draping or layering, Lola makes the ideal choice, just slip it on and you'll look fierce, fabulous and fully in control. No matter what challenges you, you'll face them in the most stylish way.
Type: Instant
Collection: Shine On - #LolabyNH
Material: Korean Chiffon
Price: RM93 (Semenanjung Malaysia)
RM95 (Sabah & Sarawak)
SGD / BND: $46 (Singapore & Brunei)
Detailing: Xillion Rose Crystal, Crystal White Pearl, Teardrop Pendant Crystal