As sweet as the delicious desserts she creates, Helena’s pleasing and cheeky persona is her most endearing quality. Helena is a unique character, that's why we decided to come up with an extra special design for our limited edition Sweet Helena - Swarovski hijab.
Sweet Helena is decorated with gorgeous Swarovski with tons of 'bling' that will make you the centre of attention wherever you go. The Swarovski crystals are arranged in a symmetrical pattern to create a slimming effect that would flatter any face shape. We combined two fabrics in one look to give you the best options in terms of cut and style.
The top part of the hijab is made with Wool Chiffon, an opaque material that stays put no matter how you style it. This ensures a clean, non-bulky finish to the overall look. 
Swarovski’s Xillion Rose and coloured Xirius crytals adorn the square part of the shawl to create a dazzling effect on top of your head when you wear it. Xillion cut makes the crystals stand out from other Swarovski crystals. They're a lot more brighter and shinier, producing perfect light refraction and intense light distribution so that you'll sparkle perfectly in any setting.
There's also plenty of fabric to play with, the additional length allows you to style it however you like, keep it long for a more modest look or wrap it shorter if you prefer a more contemporary vibe. The flowy trail of shawl is made with Korean Chiffon, a thin and lightweight fabric that adds a carefree and airy feel to the design. This design is super-feminine and would add tons of glitz and glam to any outfit. 
Collection : Sweet Helena - Swarovski
Type : Shawl
Price : RM 84 (SM)
RM 86 (SS)
SGD / BND: $ 41
Based : Shawl
Material : Wool Chiffon with Korean Chiffon
Colors : 35 colors
Detailing : Swarovski Xillion Rose and Xirius